CTW Technology Co., Ltd is a distributor company, technology service of Semiconductor Integrated Circuit and Optical active devices and concentrate on--offering High Quality and low cost products for the customers.
CTW located in the center of China Optics Valley--Pilot Free-Trade Zone, Wuhan Area.
Since its establishment in 2002(Reorganization in 2008), CTW has offered a broad array of solutions and services to a lot of China optical module manufactures.
Especial in distribution of PD CHIP/Thermistor etc., CTW can keep stock and through CTW fast logistics to meet the customer's urgent requirement.
CTW Technical team is organized by some senior engineers who are experience and professional in optical device and module design, anufacturing and test. Through this team, CTW provides customizable services and bring technical supports,solutions and suggestion to the customers.
As an authorized sales representative of Kyosemi Corp., Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in China and Hong kong area, CTW has successfully developed the market share of photodiode business (155M-100G PD Chip, Side MPD CHIP, APD Chip and MINI Can PD).
CTW can offer customized AlN submount, Ceramic carrier, Kovar package which fit for active optical devices such as BTY DFB LD, TO CAN type. And OEM BTY DFB LD AlN bonding with 10Kohm therm-resistor is also available.
Keep up with the market trend, CTW facilitates customers expanding and improving their supply channels to better do the favor for customer’s cost controllment.
CTW welcome the vendors to cooperate at any ways and twin win in China.